Our School

Our School

St Joseph's Memorial School (SJMS) is a vital part of the Norwood Catholic Community. It offers quality education for boys and girls from Preschool and beyond. The school was founded in 1872 and was placed in the care of the Sisters of St Joseph. The school was established and has been maintained by those who have followed the inspiration and leadership provided by Mary MacKillop. St Joseph's, one of the oldest schools in the state, is closely linked to the history of the Catholic Church and the local district.

Our school is a Christian Educational Community in the Catholic tradition. The common aim of staff and parents is to transmit Gospel values to the children and through knowledge of Christ and His Message, understand our responsibility for one another in an environment of understanding, care and co-operation.

The mission of the SJMS Community is to work in partnership to educate young people for participation in the Church and our changing world.


Faith Community

The St Ignatius Catholic Parish and St Joseph's Memorial School Community are welcoming and inclusive communities to which people are drawn and have a strong sense of belonging. Our members embrace the person and vision of Jesus Christ, recognising and valuing the impact of Christian living on building a better world. Our community draws its inspiration from the Jesuit and Josephite traditions.

Our community accepts, values and uses the initiative of small groups to nurture and support families on their faith journey. Such groups include Baptism, Sacramental Neighbourhood groups and Family and Pastoral Care Teams.

All members are welcome to participate in community liturgies, particularly Sunday Eucharist, where members gather to celebrate the life and love of Jesus.

Our Vision

To develop through our Catholic identity, values and excellence for the 21st Century within a creative learning Community.


Our Mission

Our Mission is a learning community which;

  • nurtures and embraces the potential of each child
  • embraces the diversity and potential of families within our community
  • recognises the image of every child as competent, inventive and full of possibilities and ideas
  • is inspired by the work and values of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the love of God.


Our Beliefs

Gospel values are the centre of our school community;

  • We give priority to spirituality so that there is a sense of God in all that we do.
  • We invite students to celebrate life through the sacraments, especially the Eucharist which is at the heart of Catholic tradition.
  • Education is for all, regardless of religion, wealth, race, gender or ability.
  • Children learn best in a caring and secure environment.
  • We promote a quality school where all are encouraged to strive for excellence.
  • We provide a child-centred learning environment which caters for the individual and empowers the children to be participants in their own learning.
  • Our school community works with and supports the parents who are the prime educators of their children.
  • Staff continually review their work and teaching methods to provide a relevant and inclusive curriculum.

Norwood logo CMYK.jpeg

The Latin words 'In Omnibus Caritas' translate as 'In All Things Love'. 

The gold colour represents the divine and human love referred to in the motto.

Blue is symbolic of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and St Joseph is symbolised through the brown, 'Joseph means growth'.

The lily stands both for the integrity of Joseph's life, character and growth to wholeness, which is nourished in the students at St Joseph's Memorial School.

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