Our History

In the Spirit of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, who was committed to making education available to all, our school does likewise for the Parish of Norwood.

St Joseph's Memorial School (a memorial to the Jesuit Fathers who came from Austria to South Australia in 1848) has a history that began when Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop first came to live in the Norwood Parish in 1872, for it was at that time that schooling began in today's Preschool to Year 1 Campus at 46 Bridge Street, Kensington. 

In 1916 the Hall was demolished to make way for a more modern building, blessed and opened in 1917 by Archbishop Spence.

Bridge Street continued to operate as a school until 1941 when the new school at William Street opened in 1942. This was co-educational up to Year 3, after which the boys transferred to the Marist Brothers' School (now St Ignatius College) and the girls remained at SJMS until the end of Year 7.

When the Marist Brothers left at the end of 1943 the boys transferred back to William Street, which became, once again, co-educational up to Year 7.

Today the school operates as one with the Bridge Street Campus Preschool to Year 1 and the William Street Campus Year 2 to Year 6. There are 11 classes and a student population of approximately 240.