Parent Involvement

The benefits of parental involvement in children's learning

A child’s success in the first years of primary school depends on a background of rich learning in their preschool years. When moving through the first few school grades parental interest in their life at school and parent participation in their school activities is beneficial for children’s success.

You are your child’s first educator. A positive, balanced parental involvement correlates directly to improved learning outcomes for students. When parents are involved, students:

  • Achieve more.
  • Have higher grades and better attendance.
  • Exhibit more positive attitudes and behaviour.

How parents can make a good school better

  • Make an effort to understand what the school is trying to do. If you can, express your support for its aims and the values it expresses.
  • If at all possible, participate on committees and in discussion groups that consider educational issues and give opinions to the staff.
  • See the school as ‘your’ school. Encourage your children to see it in the same way.
  • By all means offer constructive criticism and suggestions but direct your comments to the right people. Don’t ‘bad mouth’ the school in the general community.
  • Go to school activities – open days, plays, concerts, picnics, sporting functions and celebrations. Take a friend.
  • Join the official parent group and look after the school’s interests.
  • Welcome new parents. Help them feel that they belong. Build confidence in the school.
  • Support a broad and balanced curriculum. Resist attempts by any pressure groups to narrow the curriculum to things that are purely functional and measurable. Encourage your children to join in all school activities and to take pride in the building, the grounds and the school community as a whole.
  • Let the Principal and the teachers know that you support them all the way, even if sometimes you have to be a friendly critic or a critical friend. 

Volunteering at St Joseph's Memorial School

Parents are an integral part of the education of the children in our care. The most important aspect of our relationship with parents is that communication is as open as possible so that we are aware of the needs of the parents and their children.

When parents work in the classroom, assist with excursions or coach sporting teams there are aspects of that involvement which are critical.

Parents must have a Catholic Police Check before volunteering at St Joseph's Memorial School.
All observations and information gained when involved with the children is strictly confidential.
The teacher must provide guidance and structure for the activity.
All parents must sign an Work, Health & Safety Volunteer form before volunteering in the school.