Middle Years

Capable. Competent. Confident.

The Middle Years learner is developing a thirst for knowledge and new experiences. At this age the learner is curious, has a sense of adventure and desires to learn new things as the understanding of self, community and the wider world expands.

Choices made by the Middle Years learner are beginning to be shaped by peer relationships. The learner develops through dealing with a range of views and social roles and relationships. In this challenging period the learner may struggle to develop self understanding, as the learner engages with an increasing range of social and religious settings.

The Middle Years learner begins to enjoy working collaboratively, but also develops skills in independent learning. The thinking of the Middle Years learner is concrete but the ability to understand abstract ideas begins to develop.

Fairness and equal treatment are at the core of the emerging moral framework of the Middle Years learner.

The learner begins to acquire a greater sense of personal identity through relationships and understands the meaning of co-operation and sharing. During this period the learner often has a keen sense of right and wrong and evaluates attitudes and behaviour.

The Middle Years learner engages with the stories and practices of the Church community, gaining a stronger sense of religious identity. Sacred stories can take on new significance as the Middle Years learner interprets and responds creatively to religious texts.