Communication Pathways at SJMS

Communication between school and home

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Skoolbag app
An app used to communicate letters and information between the school and home.
Skoolbag app instructions.

A communication site used to share learning in the classroom with parents and caregivers. Invitations are sent home via the classroom teacher.
Click here to access the login page for SeeSaw.

Qkr! app
An app families can use to pay school fees, OSHC fees, lunch orders and much more.
Qkr! app instructions.

Submitting a student absentee
Parents and caregivers can use the form in the Skoolbag app or via this website to advise when your child is absent. Please submit before 9am on the day of the absence. Thank you.
Submit an absentee.

Outside School Hours Care Software
iParent portal - the software used for the OSHC services at SJMS. Parents (once registered) can log into the portal and manage their child/ren's bookings online and check their OSHC account balance.
iParent portal link (for after you have registered).
OSHC registration form.

SJMS Social Media

SJMS actively shares the learning and achievements via social media channels. Remember to like/follow us to keep up to date with the latest news from SJMS.