Catholic Education South Australia

Fee Information

Billing of Fees

We are pleased to announce that in 2021 we reduced our school fees and have not increased these for 2022.

School Fees are the primary discretionary source of income for the School and they are determined by the School Board in consultation with the Finance Committee. Our school fees are all inclusive with one exception, that of your child’s school camp, which will be billed individually for Years 3 to 6.

The payment of fees is a responsibility and commitment by families and ensures the School maintains quality education and resources for the benefit of all students.

Our fee processes and policies are to be just, respectful, compassionate, and transparent.

School fees are set with due regard for the nature of the school community, appropriate resourcing, equity considerations and are consistent with other recommendations as determined by Catholic Education SA.

We are mindful of the financial pressures being faced by many families and reaffirm our commitment to continue to work with you to ensure your child continues their learning journey as part of the St Joseph’s Memorial School Community. Our Principal or Bursar are happy to meet with you to ensure your individual circumstances do not impact your child’s educational journey at SJMS.

Fees are billed annually at the beginning of the year for R-6. 

Families have the option of:

Paying school fee in full at the start of the year

Paying quarterly

Paying weekly, fortnightly, monthly - spread from January to December.

Payments can be made via Direct Debit, B Pay, QKR or in person at the Bridge St campus.