Ready for Reception

Bridging the gap between Preschool and School, our Ready for Reception Program, provides greater opportunities and flexibility for enrolling families.

Ready for Reception nurtures the needs of the whole child. A qualified and highly experienced Early Years Educator, will provide a range of fun learning and play experiences using the Early Years Learning Framework. To ensure a successful start to school, this play based curriculum will be supported by following school routines.

Children who turn 5 years of age between 1 May and 31 October will transition from Preschool to School by attending Ready for Reception, 2 days a week in Terms 1 and 2 coinciding with their Preschool days. These children will begin Reception in Term 3.

Children who turn 5 years old on or after 1 November to the end of April will attend Ready for Reception 2 days a week, in Terms 3 and 4 coinciding with their Preschool days, allowing these children to flourish across the two learning environments. These children will begin Reception in January the following year.

Children who do not attend SJMS Preschool but are enrolled for Reception at SJMS are welcome to join this program in the Semester prior to joining our community.

This new model allows St Joseph’s Memorial to provide families a high-quality transition program ensuring each child has a successful start to school, nurturing their growth and development.

If you would like more information regarding Ready for Reception, please click on our brochure link below, or contact our Enrolment Officer on 8130 7777 for further information.