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Message from Mrs Vassallo-Wakefield


Dear Parents and Caregivers

On Sunday at Mass we lit the first candle on our Advent Wreath. The main characteristics of Advent, are waiting, hope and renewal. There are two types of waiting, passive and active.  Passive waiting is a little like being at a bus stop; there’s nothing much you can do except look up every now and again to see if the bus is coming or watch the passing traffic or read a book etc. Active waiting is a like preparing for a guest to come and visit us in our home. Our eyes are on the clock as we tidy the house, prepare food and other refreshments, put some flowers into a vase and consider what would please the person coming to visit.

It’s fairly easy to recognise that for most of us, the active form of waiting is how we prepare for Christmas. We are all busy with Christmas cards, the purchase of special food, the saving for presents and the search for the traditional stocking. The Christmas tree will reappear with lights and decorations and the countdown will begin for the Big Day. All great fun but will we remember to focus on whom we are waiting for? The prophet Isaiah reminds us in the Old Testament: “People were walking in the dark when they saw a bright light. A light came to them to brighten their dark land. You have made them very happy they will never be sad again. A child is born: a son given to us. He will be wonderful. His name will be Prince of Peace. He will tell us what to do and we will find Peace.

The light of the Advent Wreath is a symbol of Jesus coming and is a wonderful example of active waiting: one candle is lit each week during the season. Whatever we do in our preparation for Christmas, no doubt it will be done in a spirit of thoughtfulness, love and care and no doubt God’s blessing to us would be according to our true needs.

Meet the Teacher

On Monday, students from Reception to Year 6 will get to meet their 2022 teacher on Monday morning from 9:30 – 10:15am. At the end of the day, your child will come home with information pertaining to the 2022 School Year.

End of Year Mass

This Tuesday 7 December we will celebrate our End of Year Mass in St Ignatius Church at 9:15am. Please refer to the note sent out by Mr Harrison earlier this week.

Staff Farewells

At the end of the year, we will farewell staff members who will either be retiring, resigning, moving to other schools or coming to the end of their teaching contract with us. I would like to thank every staff member for their dedication to their role this year.

Mrs Elsa Romano – retiring after 44 years of service at SJMS

Mrs Mary Cruickshank – resigning after 20 years of service at SJMS

Mrs Sonya Brewer – resigning after 11 years of service at SJMS

Mr Matt Harrison – congratulations on being appointed as APRIM at St Margaret Mary’s School, Croydon

Mrs Reena Aftab

Mrs Courtney Pisaniello

Miss Izabella Callisto

Mr James Samra

End of Year Concert

I would like to again extend my thanks to Mrs Williams, the staff and students for their efforts to bring together our End of Year Concert. The concert, which is a biennial event showcased the wonderful talents of our students and especially the vision of Mrs Williams. During COVID, being able to experience Christmas around the World, was a wonderful way to acknowledge the different cultural groups within our community and how they celebrate Christmas.

For Christians, the central theme of Jesus’ birth is the most important aspect of our Christmas celebrations and one which is a central theme for us at SJMS.

Koala Crossing 2022

As mentioned at the Concert, it is with pleasure that I confirm that our Emu Crossing on William Street will be upgraded to a Koala Crossing in 2022. Along with the development of the crossing in April 2022 the council will also extend the Kiss & Drop zone by 12 metres to provide for 2 additional cars.

At this time of the year, I would like to extend my thanks to you all for a wonderful year. I wish every family, the blessings and joy of Christmas. May the birth of the Christ child bring everyone, peace, joy and harmony.

Yours sincerely

Grace Vassallo-Wakefield