Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is a learning community which nurtures and embraces the potential of each child embraces the diversity and potential of families within our community recognises the image of every child as competent, inventive and full of possibilities and ideas is inspired by the work and values of Mary MacKillop and the love of God.

We give children the tools to develop, explore and learn in an environment which is safe, supportive and challenges their abilities whilst aiding their development.

We allow children to be, to live and to grow.

St Joseph's Memorial Preschool has 2 intakes - Term 1 intake and Term 3 intake. Children who commence Preschool in Term 3 complete a year of Preschool and start Reception in the Term 3 Reception class the following year. For enrolment intake information, please use the enrolment calculator.

Little Scientists House

We are one of a select group of South Australian Preschools who have been recognised as ‘Little Scientists’. We received this award which was presented by Hon Mr Christopher Pyne MP and the Federal Education Minister Hon Mr Simon Birmingham MP. Our staff are dedicated to offering scientific experiences to your children.


Join us for Playgroup!

46 Bridge Street, Kensington
Fridays during school term
9am until 11am

Contact us for more information on 08 8130 7777 or